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This Apex Locatoris highly precise instrument with the latest technology used for measuring the working length of our teeth.


It is the latest model for apex locator with our company,which is equipped with the fifth generation electrocircuit technology


--the most up-to-date technology!. More stable performance and more convenient operation contribute to the popularity with the dentists.



Accuracy You Can See and Hear


● Exclusive producer in China adopting the fifth generation circuit in the area of apex locator, based on the multi-frequency closed circuit human body's oral cavity.


● Free from the conditions of root-canal


dryness or electrolytes, blood or physiological brines will not affect the measuring result


● The narrow area (apical constriction) of the apex in the following figure of


root-canal can be adjusted by the dentists if necessary(range 0-5mm).


● Autoclavable accessories to avoid cross infection


● Equipped with self-check circuit to guarantee the accuracy by adjusting the program data beforehand!


● Compact, stable, ergonomic design for easy handling


● Colored LCD screen and piezoelectric buzzer:


● Lithium battery-operated


● Fully guaranteed for one year




Power voltage: DC7.5V


Power consumption: below 0.04w


Current: <10µA


Display mode: color LCD screen

Feature: 110×120×80mm


N.W.: about 600g


Protection from electric shock: Type BF


Protection from ingress of liquids: None



 -- The measurement is free from the root canal environment. Therefore, whether the root canal is dry, or filled with electrolyte, blood or physiological brine will not affect the measuring result.


 -- The measurement is free from the thickness of the file.


 -- The LCD screen legibly and visually displays the depth of the root-canal file putting into the tooth.


 -- When measuring, the changes of the sound can indicate the position of the file in the root-canal.


 -- This power of the machine is supplied with NO.7 dry battery. For the depletion of electricity power is low, the meter can be used for long.



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